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VolcanoBeats at work in the lab...

Reginald Walson, also known as Volcanobeats or #thesamplerking, is an audio engineer, music producer and sound designer based in Chicago, IL.


In addition to his unique production style, he is also technically sound due to being an alum of SAE Chicago where he studied the recording arts and received an AAS in Audio Technology. That coupled with over 15 years recording and production experience make him a more than capable purveyor of sound. Other credentials include: 


- member of ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers) as a Composer,  Writer/composer and publisher


- member of EARS (Engineering and Recording Society of Chicago) 


- member of AES (Audio Engineering Society)


- member of The Recording Academy's Chicago Chapter


#thesamplerking is also a sound designer that crafts custom drum sounds, percussion and efx for his productions. His penchant for crate digging and sound manipulation makes this type of work second nature. In fact his moniker comes from his frequent usage of vintage hardware samplers. Using top notch acoustic drum kits, rare vinyl and various other sound sources; #thesamplerking creates one of a kind sound content that gives his productions a unique flair; giving his clients a truly unique experience. 


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