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I work with artists in hip hop, r&b, soul, edm, pop, rock and cinematic genres. I provide the proper time and effort to each clients' project so each is dealt with in a more custom fashion. Contact me,, if you would like to work. Serious inquiries only please.  




Recording & MixingServices

I also provide engineering services for as low as $55/hr

Rates are for recording and/or mixing time at my personal studio location.


Studio A: Full-band tracking capabilities, drum recording; full analog mix setup

$65 an hour (2 hr minimum)

$180 for 3 hours 

$330 for 6 Hours (must be taken in one session) 


Studio B: Vocal recording, single instrument overdubs; DAW mixing

$55 an hour (2 hr minimum) 

$120 for 3 Hours 

$200 for 6 Hours (must be taken in one session)

Bulk and monthly packages are available at a discounted rate!


Record and Mix Specials:

$200 flat rate for 1 song recorded and mixed

EP and LP packages are available at a discounted rate!

I also have mixtape specials!


Full Song Mix:

$150 per song 

$1000 full project mix special (up to 12 songs)



Song Mastering:

$75 per song

$600 per project (up to 12 songs)

2-track Wav or Stems

***(Anything more than 4 stems will accrue addt'l mix charges)***



Recording and Production Lessons:

I also provide lessons based around the following software/DAWs:

Ableton Live 

Native Instruments Maschine

Avid Pro Tools

Akai Mpc 

& Apple Logic 

In addition, I also delve into topics such as sampling technique, synthesis, sound design (drums and efx), studio/DAW optimization, recording technique, mixing, etc.

Basically, I can tailor this service to whatever you want your learning experience to encompass.

Lessons are given in my personal studio. 

Contact me with your specific needs via email,

($200 per session)




Sound Design Services

Need that 12-bit crunch on your drums that you can only get by running them through an

Akai MPC60ii or Ensoniq EPS?

Or for your instrumental tracks to be run through a genuine SSL channel strip (4000 E series)?

I have tube preamps, optical compressors, VCA compressors, vintage eq's, vintage mic pres, etc to give your sounds the analog character you crave!

Contact me and tell me what you are looking for and we can get it done.  




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