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Back on my MPC 4K!!!

The last couple days I got a chance to use my beloved MPC 4000 after months of not using it. This thing is like driving a Cadillac! I got a new found love for it after copping and using the Roland MV8800 for a few weeks. The MV is great don’t get me wrong, the features are pretty robust for the time period it came out in ( 8 audio tracks, 512 ram, internal hard drive, built-in library of Synths, sounds and legacy TR drums, etc.) But two things that really bother me about the unit is the timing (feels a bit laggy) and no removable memory options. Only way to get something in it is to plug up usb. The 4000 was waaaay ahead of its time with basically all of the same features (minus audio tracks) and a front mounted usb slot. It’s one of those small things you forget about and then are presently surprised by. Definitely going to get back acquainted with this beast over the next few weeks!


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