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Hello Old Friend....

Hope all is well in your world, I've been hard at work and enjoying every bit of it.

This week I was able to finish the widespread release of my late brother's (RIP TSD) magnum opus, "On Tha Road Til' Destiny". Available on all streaming platforms! (links below).

It was 3 years of our hard work and hopefully, you check it out and enjoy it. I also celebrated my 909 day by designing a couple of sound libraries and pulling my Roland TR09 and TR8 out of storage and giving them a whirl paired along with my MPC 2000 Classic.

Had fun using those sounds, check out my live beat session if you didn't a chance to see it:

Lastly, I got an old friend back in my clutches, the Alesis Micron! I've owned this thing at least 3 times but it keeps pulling me back. It sounds good and it's not as much of a chore to program as it seemed like it was back in the day. My theory is that we as creators have become accustomed to using a mouse to create and design sounds so the knob mechanism isn't as bad as I remembered. This synth sounds great! The leads have air and the bass has bite. Definitely worth every penny. I, like many others, like to buy boards use them for a while, and sell them off after I'm tired of them instead of having a room full of synths. I already have too many MPCs as is. That was my plan, this one might stay....we'll see.

Enjoy yourselves, make some beats, and have some fun!

Here are my links to the aforementioned project, give it a listen if you can. It would be much appreciated!



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