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I’m getting ‘Phat(ty) 🤷🏿‍♂️

In my never quest for ”that sound” I doubled back and grabbed the underrated 2006 classic....Moog Little Phatty.....this was my first Moog. I sold it back then and have regretted it for a while. I like the synth...deep and punchy. The over drive is nice and it’s. It too much of chore to program. My only complaint is the 30/40 minute warmup time 😩.....I had totally forgot about this. When I first turned it on I almost went crazy with how the tuning sounded then I remembered😢....the filter sounds amazing....the oscillator is punchier than my Grandmother but more aggressive than my Rogue. It definitely had a place in my current setup and should for a few years (unless I were to stumble upon a decently priced Minimoog Voyager ) until then, many baselines and drum sounds will be programmed with this beast. Peace ✌️


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