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Look at this beauty!!!

On this quest to obtain and fix my coveted Akai MPC 60ii there were a couple setbacks, and now I can say it has all been totally worth it! This journey started with buying a crappy looking 60ii from a kid from Texas on eBay for cheap. When I got it, worked perfectly fine. I left it on, playing a sequence for a whole day (my used MPC test 😎) and it was all good. Inputs and out puts were kind of scratchy but nothing too bad. Then came the time to open her up and start adding things. Then I was faced with the 3 worst words when it come to buying old school gear: Rust & Water Damage! I almost cried. I knew it would be difficult to get this thing how I wanted it. But then I looked at current prices for the 60 and thought “I have a lot of room to play with”

So the quest started. Kanamit, the renown MPC wizard fixed all of my internal issues (side note: I actually taught him how to use the MPC about 14-15 years ago....yep, i do this 🚀hit for real 😎)

He fixed:

-Updated OS to MPC 3000 os

-All tact switches/buttons

-Indictator lights for full level, etc

-Sample Inputs

-Stereo outputs (still may need another board to fix 8 outs)

-Headphone Jack

-installed SCSI

-new LCD screen

-and fixed whatever I screwed up trying to fix, lol

Last piece of the puzzle was the top metal plate that had rusted god knows how long ago. I was going to send it to Forat or Maybe GhostinMPC, both of which I talked to. Then lightning struck. Someone on eBay was selling the plate I needed, in pristine condition. Now you have this:

My journey is almost complete! Haven’t decided if I want to put a USB on it or find a way to use sd cards(if possible)

All in all I’m excited to have a great piece of history in great condition. We will see what the future holds, but it was totally worth it to go the long way around.


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