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My Fave 5 Software Eqs

This week I take a dive into the world of software EQs. Some model the classics while others give us something brand new. Here are my favorite 5-

1. Waves F6

This one is my Swiss Army knife. I use this one on everything. Carving sibilant vocals, to sweeten bass, cut high end, cut low end, etc. This one makes its way to almost every beat and definitely every mix. Probably my favorite plugin of them all. I mean of ALL PLUGINS! Not just eq. The sound is unparalleled and I absolutely love it. If you don’t have it, what are you waiting for?!

2. Waves API 550A

This is my instant vintage machine. I use this when I want a signal or track to shine a little. I love the sound of the high boost on this one, I use it on vocals to make them sit in the mix a little better. I also love it on bass and also as a utility when I just want to flip phase or give some depth to a sound. This is my go-to.

3. Digidesign EQ7

No doubt the most underrated of the bunch, the stock Pro Tools Eq is all I need for corrective eq. This may not be the one to add tone or give your tracks the extra shape but it is definitely the best for corrective purposes. I love the filter and the input and output boost/attenuation within the plugin. Add that with 5 bands of eq to shape your sound and you have everything you need to get great sounds. I use this on one every vocal I have ever processed in Pro tools.

4. Fabfilter ProQ3

Probably the most versatile plugin on the market, this juggernaut can do what my F6 and EQ7 together can do and a lot more. The dynamic eq capabilities intro‘d in version 2 are pushed even further on this one. Though F6 is my favorite and I love the others, if I could only use one eq in whatever I do for the rest of my career, it would be this one.

5. bx_SSL 4000 G‘s EQ section

This is a channel strip but I rarely use it in that capacity. I usually use each section independent of the others. So when I need eq to brighten the top end of a synth, snare, or a whole bus...I use this bad boy. The vintage character makes this one also great for drum Buss. I don’t necessarily like the compressor on my electronic/sample-based drums. But this eq section definitely helps me flesh out my bones. It’s pretty good at carving bad frequencies too.


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