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This week I said goodbye to a somewhat new friend, MPC 2000XL SE2, and an old one; MPC 1000, and hello to a new beast....Sequential Pro 3. This thing is probably the most advanced monosynth to hit the market, only rivaled by Arturia's Matrixbrute and actual modular (which is definitely next for me!) I fell in love with this thing at NAMM this year. Spent a few hours in the Sequential booth/room over the 4-day event and it was really the only piece I felt I had to get that I saw. Though there were a couple of others I dreamed about (Korg/Arp 2600, Waldorf Quantum, Moog One to name a few) The option on it are so expansive; three oscillators, 3 LFOs, 3 filters, three envelopes, 2 effects busses, a distortion circuit 🤯....let me slow down. This thing is great and I will be doing a full review on it in the coming weeks when I have some time to wrap my head around it.

I will definitely miss the MPC 1000 but I copped an MPC 5000 a while back so it should fulfill my need to make beats on an MPC from that era. And the 2000 XL won't be missed at all because I have an MPC 2000 Classic I love. Definitely a great move IMO!

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07 de out. de 2021

Good posst

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