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New production tool!

This week I was hard at work finishing up my upcoming beat tape and I got a nice little boost from an old tool. My beloved Roland SE02 which I rarely use. I love the sound of this thing, I've programmed everything from bass, leads to drum sounds on it. The filter is phenomenal. my only gripe is that the filter knobs aren't distinguishable.

Insert the EXT Box.

Made by the company that partnered with Roland to make this beautiful little box, Studio Electronics. Yea that Studio Electronics, the legendary synth designers. This thing gives the synth a new life with its bigger knobs and the ability to overdrive the filter. What’s also cool about it is it just works with cv and signal. No crazy magic going on so you can use it with other synths that have Ext in, VCF, Gate, and output jacks on board. Another added extra is that it makes your output a 1/4” instead of the 1/8” which is a great thing if you are using a mixer to capture your signal like myself. I am awaiting my K25M keyboard to put this thing in so I can have keys and make this thing feel like an actual synth and not just a module. Easily a $1000 synth quality with the upgrades and the patch memory onboard. So if you have one and you feel you've hit a wall with it as I did, add the EXT Box. You won’t regret it!


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