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The Best 5 Black Friday Deals for DAW Musicians!!!

Black Friday is always the best time to stock up on music production tools whether that be hardware synths, software effects, microphones, DAW systems, etc. Last year I bought a few hardware pieces and have been doing a lot with those all year. This year my focus is software. There are 1000's of deals out there. Here are my top 5(ish) Black Friday 2020 deals!!

1. Loopcloud 3 months plus Bassmaster for $3

This one has actually been going all week and I definitely joined and have made a few songs with the Bass Master plug included in this deal. This one is the best of the lot in my opinion. Check it out, link below!

2. $49 Izotope Holiday Bundle 2020

This deal gives you the elements/lite versions of favorites from the iZotope library such Nectar, RX, Ozone, plus Trash 2, and a couple of others. Definitely worth the $49 asking price! Also if you buy from Plugin Boutique you get additional choices of free plugins. Check it out below!

3. Waves Plugins plus free new CLA plugin

Yep, there's a new CLA plugin dropping today! Plus they have been killing it with great deals all week. They are running deals based on the amount of money spent in your transaction. You can really score a nice haul. Link below!

4. Cherry Audio free Surrealistic MG-1 plugin and DCO 106 and CA2600

This is a great deal, the Surrealistic MG-1 was just released a few days ago and it is awesome. I am a proud owner of a Moog Rogue, which is the "pro" version of this synth. I can say without a doubt it is a great recreation. This free plugs performance made me want the others which are clones of the Juno 106 and ARP 2600. Check it out below, make sure to get the MG-1 while it's still free!

5. Wavesfactory Trackspacer- $29

This is one of my favorite plugins, It is the perfect plug to add sidechaining to different sources from different situations. I love it because it is signal-based like all others but this one is also frequency-based making it more precise. Here's a link to it below!


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