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Deal of the Week 06-21-24

This week we get into a bundle of 40 sound packs, a vintage drum machine recreation and a modern mix tool!

Wave Alchemy's Sound Bundle

This bundle includes more than 40 sound packs including Drumvolution for Live, Revolution for Live, SFX Collection 3, Deep Tech House, and many more. Basically sounds for every genre of music.

All for 127 Euros ($136).

You can get more info here:

Air Tech's Soft Clipper

This plugin has a simple GUI with simple controls that can do big things for your mix.

  • Drive: Experiment in the art of saturation. From just a hint to a heavy layer, define the tone of your track.

  • Post Level: No surprises here—what you set is what you get. Dial it down or keep it up, your mix won't lose its edge.

  • Meter: Real-time feedback means no guesswork. Tweak as you go and ensure your levels are just right.

Works in your DAW and within your standalone MPC Live, X, One, etc.

On sale for $19 right now. Check it out here:

GForce's Oberheim DMX

Last on the list this week is GForce's Oberheim DMX plugin. This one is a top-notch recreation of the classic from the 80's. All sounds from the DMX, DX and also the Sequential Drumtraks are included.


  • A testament to the timeless influence of the classic Oberheim DMX, re-envisioned for today’s creative minds.

  • Officially endorsed by Oberheim Electronics

  • Features the Oberheim DMX (1981 & 1983) and DX, and Sequential Drumtraks sound kits with many variations

  • Solo, Mute, Delay sends, Reverb send, Pitch, Decay, Pan and Gain per track

  • Multi-mode filter, distortion, and compressor on the master

  • Over 70 MIDI Files with many classic recreations

  • Velocity control

  • GM Map for your MIDI Controller

  • Programmable MIDI CC response via MIDI Learn

  • Fully-scalable UI

  • Preset Browser

This one is on sale for $24

Find out more below:


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