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Deals of the Week, 07/05/24

This week we have 3 options for adding vintage sound and texture to your individual tracks or over your entire productions.

K7D meticulously recreates the warmth and character of classic hardware delays, while offering modern controls and expanded creative possibilities.

Dual playhead and LFO modulation to customize the sound you are sculpting.

Check it out below:

Soul Squash is a plugin that emulates the sound of vintage gear. The pedal form factor is used and there are a few simple controls that can add lots of vibe and texture. In particular the Thick switch that adds a Lo Eq Bump post compression for a "thicker" sound!

Check it out below!

Tape is a full vintage effects suite that can be used to add subtle texture or be pushed to the extreme for full analog goodness. There are 7 different effects engines and 6 different tape textures. Also included with this one is the Clone plugin that can help you get your mixes to sound better by helping you hear what it sounds like coming out of different sources.

Check it out below!


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