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Drum Day!!!

This past week we finally got to do some real engineer work over at the studio. Fam brought in a client with a nice drum set and we were able to use our Pots and Pan ic techniques which we haven't for what seems like ages! Feels good to get down and dirty again. Hopefully, things open up so that more sessions like this one can be had. The biggest takeaway I got from this session is how much our mic locker has expanded in the last few years. I remember when having a Sennheiser MK4 made us happy. Fast forward to having enough flavors to record a full band. We've come a long way! Still have that MK4 as well as I and Fam's first mics (over 15 years old!) are actually still in working order and serviceable! Check out a couple of pics!

Our mic collection

Our first mics


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