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Finally back at home!!!!

This past week I got my hands on the one that got away....the beloved Akai MPC 60! this one is the second iteration of the machine that went on to change music production forever. It is also the machine I learned to make beats on 20 years ago. My older brother‘s best friend B ( RIP) who was a DJ and producer didn’t want me to be just another rapper so he taught me the ins and out of the recording and production side of things. Little did we both know we was setting me up for a now 15 year career. With the prevalence of computer based systems that came about in the 2000s, she got less and less usage and in 2007 B sold me his prized MPC. The economic downturn of 2008 forced me to sell his beauty. Now 12 years later she’s back where she belongs, more figuratively than literal. I know this isn’t the same machine, but I’m happy Im able to let go of the guilt I had for selling it all those years ago. It needs a little work but it will definitely be a labor of love. 🎹❤️🎚

Long Live B!

Long Live The MPC!


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