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Jewels from the 'King!

Yo, what’s going….its the one and only samplerking, and this year I am starting my weekly review/shout out of the dope sample packs I’m copping, using, or that just dropped. Every week I will be giving 3 dope examples ranging from loops, midi packs, breaks, one-shot drums, or dope sound design. I'm always finding new sounds that I use in my productions so why not share the gems?!!

Here goes nothing...

Splice Water-

This soundest is one of the most creative I have heard in recent memory. This joint is made up of all water sounds. Splashes, pours, melodic loops, etc. They got kind of crazy with this one. I love it when I find something out of the norm. I mean I've been sampling and collecting sounds since like 99’ so something has to be pretty dope to impress me. Done. Here is a description straight from Splice themselves:

“Get wet with this extensive collection of drips, splashes, plunges, and pours. We recorded this Splice Originals session in the studio and in the field. With a stereo hydrophone and an XY pair of Beyerdynamic MC930s, we meticulously captured countless permutations of water sounds in containers of varying sizes and materials. We then ventured outdoors with our field recorder and hydrophone to capture more plunges and splashes in a swimming pool, as well as ambiances of rain, creek, river, and sea.

Using these sounds, we constructed a set of Beatmaker kits to get you up and running quickly in your sessions. We also included a set of Astra presets to complement your productions with one-shot chords, notes, and audio + MIDI loops inspired by French impressionist composers Debussy and Ravel, Japanese environmental composer Hiroshi Yoshimura, avant-garde composer William Basinski, and '90s R&B artists SWV and TLC. We hope you’ll use these sounds to expand the palette of your drum kit, create accent FX, or compose a score for those deep underwater dreams.”

Nothing more to say, check it out!!! 261 sounds and 23 midi files!

Touchloops Infinite Promise-

This one is perfect for house, garage, deep house, etc. I like the bass loops in particular. Also, the pads are pretty dope, definitely a nice set to get you started. I love to chop and rearrange things so the palette is full of possibilities with this one. Here is the description straight from Touchloops:


Let’s get deep with our latest emotional house pack: Infinite Promise. A collection of loops inspired by Jaques Greene, Disclosure and Koreless to name a few, it falls into the world of progressive and Melodic House with a slight UK Garage nod.


With the focus on emotion and melody, each loop is drenched in analog warmth and human imperfections. You’ll be greeted with fidgety garage and solid house beats and tops, Full-bodied bass lines and sub samples, pad loops with ample character and warm colours, and analog arpeggios and synths overflowing with euphoric melody and shape.


As always each loop has been painstakingly arranged, mixed and mastered to give you everything you need once in your DAW or sampler. So if you’re looking for those emotional, progressive house vibes look no further! And as always, all are 100% royalty-free.”

128 sounds total so you are covered with inspiration!

Marco Polo Pad Thai 7-

Last but definitely not least is the one and only Marco Polo with his Pad Thai 7. These sounds are nuts, I’ve been hooked since version 2. He does a great job of not just giving you the standard kicks and snare in this one. He hits you with dope stabs, pieces of breaks, etc. All to help you create your compositions. One of the best in the game for sure. Here is the description from the site:

“Marco Polo is back after a much-needed break. Marco never drops new kits unless he's confident it is fire. The Pad Thai Vol 7 Drum Kit = all your dirty/dusty drum needs in one kit! Of course, I kept the musical sounds folders in the mix too. Bass tones.... chopped breaks is a new addition in this volume. Enjoy and happy beat-making!”

There you have it, jewels straight from the 'King! Check back with me weekly to get a new selection of fire libraries and such. Now get back to work, peace!


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