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My Fave 5: Cyber Weekend 2021!

It's that time again, the biggest weekend in music production. The best time to buy that piece of gear, get that software upgrade or that sample pack you've been eyeing. Here are My Fave 5 deals for this Cyber Weekend!

1. Waves Audio Plugins- Seemingly on an annual basis Waves Audio gives awesome deals on their single plugins and bundle. Personally, I have my eye on the Vocal Bender and the newly released SSL channel strip. They have a deal where you buy a certain dollar amount and you get a free plugin, so you can make the deal as sweet as you want it. I will definitely be stocking up for my live sound setup. Hit up the link below:

2. Behringer Odyssey Analog Synth- One of the most slept on synth recreations in recent history in my opinion. These old-school synths sound great and the raw tones and textures you get out of these boxes are great for adding effects, mangling, etc. That's what makes this one so great because it has built-in effects. This week it's on sale for $399. I already put my order in at the time of writing this. Had to jump on this one, this is a pure analog synth, with effects sections for the price of a good plugin. No brainer! I'll have to make room! Check it out:

3. The Drum Broker Balck Friday deals- Im a sucker for new sample libraries, whether they are one-shot or full composition. The Drum Broker has a great deal going on where they have the whole site at 50% off using the BF50 code. If you are in need of new sounds, hit up the broker!

4. Apple cashback rewards- This weekend Apple is having a promo that gives you $100 cashback in the form of a gift card. So if you are in the boat I am where you need multiple new apple devices in the next few months, this is a great opportunity to get the 2nd one at a discount. I have my eyes on a Mac Mini and possibly an iPad later. Check it out:

5. Arturia V-Collection 8- Srturia is my favorite soft-synth company and whatever they drop, I'm all over it! I always upgrade my collection at this time and this year it was only $99. My last upgrade was 2019 so I definitely got a few new gems with my upgrade. If you are new to the V-Collection, they have great deals for new buyers too! Check it out here:

Honorable Mention- I am offering my drum kit, Let The Drums Bang Vol.1, at a 50% discount. ($12.50) and my Ableton/MPC/Maschine Lessons at discounted rates! Buy Now! Book Later! or Buy Now and Book immediately! Check it out below!




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