My favorite new sampler!!!

A few weeks ago I was able to get a pretty decent condition Roland MV8800. It had a few surface scratches so I got a pretty good price on it. I haven’t used one of these for nearly 10 years! After a couple hours, i was back in the groove like I never left. The sounds and effects built into this unit are amazing! You can use them as a serial or parallel. Only issue I’m having is getting more than one audio track working at once, i know it’s something I’ll figure out in the near future. All of the features are great but the one feature I forgot all about is...the....sampler!!! This is probably one of the best samplers I have ever used. It makes chopping up samples easy and not tedious. The only gripe I have is the ergonomics. Using it gets a little tiring because of the placement of the main buttons on the unit. All in all, I like it and it’s a keeper! Definitely a change up from my MPCs and a piece that didnt get as much love as it should have!

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